Plumbing industry marks World Plumbing Day 2014


World Plumbing Day is held on the 11 March every year. This year, all around the world, the plumbing and heating industry came together to celebrate plumbing’s past and to look forward to the future.

World Plumbing Day is a day when many people’s thoughts turn to the developing world, where many people have to cope daily with no clean water or sanitation. What we take for granted in America is a luxury for many people.

The World Plumbing Council (WPC) works hard to develop and promote the image and professional standards of plumbing to the world. This is done through training initiatives to teach communities how to manage clean and safe water supplies and sanitation. Environmental planning and ethical plumbing techniques are also shared to ensure that communities worldwide are able to safeguard the environment through conservation schemes.

Different countries celebrate in different ways. In Scotland, the focus was on the supply of safe drinking water to families all over the world. John Rae, Scottish Water’s operations general manager said: “The supply of safe and wholesome drinking water is of paramount importance to Scottish Water and we support the aims and ambitions of World Plumbing Day. It is only right to record and support the important role that the plumbing industry, along with Scottish Water, plays in keeping us safe and healthy.”

Plumbing plays a vital role in health and safety in modern society. Two of the biggest natural disasters in recent years, the Haiti earthquake of 2010 and the Japanese tsunami in 2011, were a stark reminder of how easy it is to take clean water for granted, and how quickly centuries of infrastructure can be ripped apart.

According to historic records, some of the greatest leaps in the development of human society have been attributed to advances in plumbing. A constant supply of clean drinking water and an efficient and clean sanitation system are possibly the most important pieces of technology that serve any household. We live in a digital age and many people will consider their cable television, wireless tablets or mobile phones to be the most connected and most important pieces of hardware in the house. But one day without clean water and sewerage will quickly remind you of what is really important. Just imagine living your whole life like that.

“Plumbing is sort of the unsung hero in public health,” said Hugh Kelleher, executive director of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of Greater Boston. “It’s really good, effective plumbing systems that have really put a dent in the disease of mankind. You see that even today in many parts of the world where there still are not good systems of water supply and sanitation.”

Of course, World Plumbing Day is not just about the developing world. It is also celebrated in America. One place that is always going to celebrate World Plumbing Day is Watertown in Massachusetts. Watertown is home to the Plumbing Museum where you can learn about the history of plumbing. Exhibits include everything from Victorian earth closets to a modern-day $6,500 Kohler toilet. The museum is housed inside a 150 year old, former ice house that was built by Civil War veteran Frederick Howard in 1842. A thriving business called the Metropolitan Ice Company was founded at the building during the early part of the 20th century; however, as home heating and refrigeration systems developed, the ice house soon became obsolete. This year, the museum held a “Looking Forward, Giving Back” gala, which is a Watertown initiative to promote charity, education and culture in the community.

Zurn Industries, America’s leading sustainable plumbing manufacturer, marked Word Plumbing Day with a renewed pledge to continue offering industry-leading solutions that achieve significant water efficiency and sanitary water environments.

“Everything Zurn does is aligned with the values represented by the observance of World Plumbing Day,” says Scott McDowell, Global Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Zurn. “In an age when the demand for potable water is outpacing supply, Zurn has long provided the products needed to achieve both water efficiency and water sanitation.”

What can you do to celebrate world plumbing day?
plumbing-227x300World Plumbing Day is not just a time for charities and corporations to make a difference; it is also a time for homeowners to reflect on their water usage and waste. We can all make a difference when working together.

To do your bit for society, check that your system is watertight. Look for leaking pipes and dripping taps and get them fixed. Take a look at your toilet cistern and see if you can reduce the flush volume to save water. If you water your lawn throughout the summer, consider installing water butts to collect rainwater, and think about alternative grass seed varieties that will survive under drier conditions.

If your water sometimes tastes a little off, you should also book an appointment with a plumber to check the water supply and consider installing water filtration to provide the purest drinking water possible.

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