Why Your South Plainfield Home Needs a Chimney Flue Liner

chimney flue linerThere is nothing quite as cozy as sitting around a roaring fire during the winter time. You can almost picture the postcard quality moments shared around the fireplace in your home, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa and sharing conversation with your loved ones — until your home starts to fill up with smoke or the smell of decay starts to seep through your living room.

Yes, these are real problems that happen when your chimney isn’t well maintained. Conventional homes usually have typical mason styled chimneys that are build using brick and mortar. While they’re aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they need a lot of attention and maintenance.

Think back to classic movies with the lovable chimney sweep and a face covered in soot. It wasn’t scripted because it’s made for a clever plot twist, but because being a chimney sweep was a vital profession. While it isn’t easy to spot a door-to-door chimney sweep anymore, there are alternatives to ensuring that your chimney remains in good condition. One such alternative is by installing a Chimney Flue Liner.

A Chimney liner is there to protect your home and your family from the by-products produced while you enjoy your roaring fire. The liner stops poisonous fumes and gases from entering our home, while actively preventing the chimney’s structure from catching fire. Sounds grim, doesn’t it?
There are numerous benefits to having a chimney liner installed into your home, and here are just a few of the important ones:
• This keeps the diameter of the flue constant, ensuring that fumes can easily rise through the chimney. This handy feature also helps to improve the draw of the fire, making it toastier for those inside.
• It actively stops poisonous fumes from entering your home because it draws out the smoke and gases from the fire.
• This also acts as a barrier to prevent deposits like tar and excess soot from penetrating the brickwork of your property.
• It also makes it easier for the lovable chimney sweep to do his job by preventing soot build up.
• As we mentioned earlier, it protects your homes masonry structure from heat, which ultimately prevents a bigger fire than expected.

Simply put, it makes sense to have the most valued part of your family’s heating protected by a Chimney Flue Liner. It definitely doesn’t hurt that it helps prevent any Carbon Monoxide leaks from filtering into your home either!  If you need Chimney liner repair or other heating services, contact Rupcoe Plumbing today!




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